Assessment of Success of Actions and Networking

Every one should assess their daily activities for good and bad deeds at the end of the Day.

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Purpose of the Prophethood of the Holy Prophet Mohammed sawas

  • To Recite the Verses of the Holy Book
  • To Purify the people
  • To teach them the Book
  • To teach them the Wisdom

Holy Quraan - Soorah Jumaa

The Holy Prophet sawas said that "I am the city of Knowledge and Ali is its door." The Holy Prophet sawas is the most knowledgeable and not illiterate. He sawas made it compulsory for every Muslim to acquire knowledge from the cradle to death. If anyone claims that the Great Holy Prophet sawas had no knowledge is contradicting the Holy Quraan. The Holy Quraan further says that the Holy Prophet sawas never speaks on his own but only when a revelation is sent to him sawas. 




Important ActsGood/Bad/Unknown
Home Behaviour Counts
Work Place Attitude and achievements
Shopping Manners with strangers
Travelling The road etiquette and rage

The Predictions and their effect in Personal Matters

Holy Book There will be widespread injustice and oppression in the world. Millions will be suffering for lack of food and medicine in times of plenty for others due to injustice.

The one who ponders on the Aayat of the Holy Quraan achieves wisdom and escapes many problems and disasters. Major achievements are possible with minor effort with submission to Almighty swt. The daily routine should include prayers and supplications from the family of the Holy Prophet sawas.