Holy Quraan

Holy Quraan

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The authenticity of the Holy Quraan is providing guidance for the seekers of truth. This Holy Book is Unique in facts and moral values with precepts of worship and worldly wisdom for one and all.

Every topic and example of human need is present in the Holy Quraan

The manner of living and the responsibility of upholding truth is clearly shown. There is no hypocrisy of separation of religion and politics as in the case of every religion and nation this is combined proclaimed and forcefully promulgated any way. 
All the traditions and Hadith of the Holy Prophet sawas have to conform to this Holy Book.

The Mission of the Holy Prophet sawas is Proclamation only

All the Prophets a.s. and Imams a.s. were sent to propagate worship and not to establish governments and kingdoms.

The Lives of the Divine Guides were devoted for Truth and Worship

Worship of Almighty SWT and kindness to parents was made compulsory in the Words of the Holy Quraan. Peace and tranquility enables better devotion to the Creator and Supplications and Prayers bring nearness to the Ultimate Goal of Closeness to the Purpose of Life.