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Islam Original - As revealed by the Almighty, The Praised.

The religion is the way of life sent by the Creator to the created and will remain the same in principle throughout the ages for the obedient followers.

The humans modify it to their liking to deceive. Time takes its toll and presents it in an easy palatable manner for those willing and present it as the chosen path to the naive followers.


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Introduction Islam is the deen from the time of Prophet Adam a.s. till its completion with the Holy Prophet sawas. The means of guidance are the Holy Quran and Holy Ahl al-Bayth a.s. only.

The Holy Prophet sawas conveyed the Aayaath - verses of the Holy Quraan and for further explanation left the Holy Ahl al-Bayth a.s the progeny of Divine leaders. Knowledge is hidden in the Holy Quraan and explained by the Holy Family of Ahl al-Bayth a.s. only. The Muslims are obligated to take the Deen from the Most knowledgeable persons of the family of the Prophets a.s.

Knowing the truth is the key to salvation.

Accepting the purpose of life as conveyed by Holy personalities including rituals and manners

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