Holy Quraan Predictions - Future of the World and Islam's acceptance as the Ultimate Truth

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Purpose of the Prophethood of the Holy Prophet Mohammed sawas

  • To Recite the Verses of the Holy Book
  • To Purify the people
  • To teach them the Book
  • To teach them the Wisdom

Holy Quraan - Soorah Jumaa

The Holy Prophet sawas said that "I am the city of Knowledge and Ali is its door." The Holy Prophet sawas is the most knowledgeable and not illiterate. He sawas made it compulsory for every Muslim to acquire knowledge from the cradle to death. If anyone claims that the Great Holy Prophet sawas had no knowledge is contradicting the Holy Quraan. The Holy Quraan further says that the Holy Prophet sawas never speaks on his own but only when a revelation is sent to him sawas. 




Actions Explanation
Eemaan - Faith Correct level of information for beliefs
Aamaal- Deeds Worship based on Commandments of the Holy Prophet sawas
Worldly Position Holy Quraan says Khairul Bareeyah, best of Ummah.
Excellence in Hereafter Reward, sawaab and Jannah in Akhirah.

The acquisition of knowledge involves many steps.

Holy Book The primary and most important source is the Holy Quraan.

The Holy Book points out to certain personalities to answer any questions that you may have. Basic act of worship, the prayer is not specified in the Holy Book but must be learnt from the Ahl al-Zikr a.s.