The major countries at the advent of Islam were uncivilized, brutal and racist.

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Purpose of the Prophethood of the Holy Prophet Mohammed sawas

  • To Recite the Verses of the Holy Book
  • To Purify the people
  • To teach them the Book
  • To teach them the Wisdom

Holy Quraan - Soorah Jumaa

The Holy Prophet sawas said that "I am the city of Knowledge and Ali is its door." The Holy Prophet sawas is the most knowledgeable and not illiterate. He sawas invited the kings and rulers  to the simple message of Islam. The Aayat of the Holy Quraan were sent by the Holy Prophet sawas through letters or personal emissaries. 




Current Country Fear
France A piece of cloth, Hijab.
Germany Islam to be debated accepted after reluctance by Deniers and Polytheists.
Britain Fear of Niqab, Hijab and righteousness of the youth.
Switzerland A piece of cloth, Hijab.
Denmark A piece of cloth, Hijab.
Russia The scientific predictions of the Imams a.s. from Holy Prophet's sawas household.

The Predictions and their effect on the nations

Holy Book Truth will spread in the world. Worship of One Creator will be common place. Tyrants will be brought to justice.

The discrimination of race, colour and wealth will be eradicated by the Aayat of the Holy Quraan and the character of Holy Prophet sawas and the Imams a.s. InshaAllah.