The most important thing in the life of humans with children is their well being.

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Purpose of life is to live contended and fulfilled by helping the family

  • To eat and drink the pure and allowed foods
  • To fulfill the religious duties
  • To learn the religion and gain knowledge
  • To acquire wealth and spend it wisely

Holy Quraan and hadees

The Holy Prophet sawas gave importance to the younger generation as they formed the basis of the continuance of the righteous society "I am the city of Knowledge and Ali is its door." The Holy Prophet sawas was asked to preach only and the truth of the message will be so powerful that millions will accept it. If anyone claims that the Great Holy Prophet sawas had no knowledge is contradicting the Holy Quraan. The Holy Quraan further says that the Holy Prophet sawas never speaks on his own but only when a revelation is sent to him sawas. 


The children have to be taught the true nature of things. The purpose of life is to worship the Creator swt and help the creation. They should be told of billions in waste because of pets when some children do not get only one meal a day even.

Safety of Children Role of Parents
Home Food and clothing
School Good company - No drugs and music
Friends Each and every friend to be checked
Entertainment No senseless addiction to wild sports, gambling, liqour or music

The Children can be molded by the parents into nice human beings or otherwise hypocrites without feeling for others. If every child remembers the deprived at each birthday and helps the needy child with a help of five dollars, millions of children will get a meal for a week.

Holy Book Children were neglected and some girls were killed and buried alive. The Holy Prophet sawas had to change such creatures into humans and pious Muslims. The same Hijaz where women were mistreated does not allow evil comments and looks against the women and follows the respect specified by Islam and even accepts that the heaven is underneath the feet of the mother not the father.

The one who carries the Aayat of the Holy Quraan is protected from many problems and disasters. Major achievements are possible with minor effort, Almighty swt Willing. Children have to be named nicely and taught the basis of the Deen,