Influencing Our Neighbours in the World with help and guidance

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Just about every neighbour has a problem with family and friends and and constantly forced by the peers to do things which they dislike.We need to state the purpose of existence and make them walk in the path of justice and equity.

  • Be mindful of their needs
  • To engage in meaningful dialogue on issues
  • To explain your point of view
  • To clarify misconceptions and answer questions

Holy Quraan - Wisdom is Abundance of goodness 2-269

The person who is conscious about the surroundings realizes that truth is not being told in the mass media and lying is common. We will have to show the writings of some truthful and honest people to convince this reality. Most of the people are in the state of hopelessness becuase of clergy abuse, lies of politicians, failure of the justice system and the enslavement of masses by a tricky few. Holy Prophet sawas said that "I am the city of Knowledge and Ali is its door." This knowledge of the Holy Prophet sawas is to be conveyed to the masses in the most effective manner. The Holy Quraan further says that the Holy Prophet sawas never speaks on his own but only when a revelation is sent to him sawas. 




Problems Explanation
Home The peace and tranquility missing due to materialism.
Children Constant rebellion and destruction of moral values.
Family Differences between siblings and animosity.
Workplace The constant injustice and nepotism hurts productivity and life.
Monetary Never enough to go around. Even though you have it you cannot enjoy.
Political Cheats and liars are controlling world affairs.
Religion no satisfaction or spiritual excellence.

The Predictions and their effect in Personal Matters

Holy Book There will be widespread injustice and oppression in the world.

The one who carries the Aayat of the Holy Quraan is protected from many problems and disasters. Major achievements are possible with minor effort, Almighty swt Willing.