Islamic History is pure and noble - The life of the Holy Prophets a.s. and the Holy Imaams a.s. is Islamic history.
Every aspect of this history is divine contrary to the history of the Muslims which was influenced by the corrupt Muslims and non-Muslims.

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The various aspects of Islamic History to deal with:

  • Equality of humans
  • No human subjugation but Submission to Almighty swt
  • Just distribution of wealth
  • Peace and security for all

Holy Nahjul Balaghah - Rules of Ruling - Imam Ali a.s.

The Holy Prophet sawas said that "I am the city of Knowledge and Ali is its door." The Holy Prophet sawas is the most knowledgeable in the creation. He sawas made it compulsory for every Muslim to acquire knowledge from the cradle to death. The Holy Quraan brought the solution for all problems in life and not just spiritual.


Historical issue Explanation
Equality Justice for all. Tax rip-off of poor and working class never allowed. Humans suffer in following man-made laws.
Morality Morality encouraged and propagated. Gambling and drunkenness never a part of life. Open invitation to goodness and discouragement of sin. Other societies laugh at sin, immorality and drunkeness.
Security Full peace and security for the unprotected. Other societies are selective and biased.
Downtrodden Dealing with the poor and deprived with respect and compassion. Billionaires in non-Muslim society are extravagant and poor suffer without food and medicine due to the tax structure.
Peace Islam never allowed the constant need for warfare and exploitation of human beings for our enjoyment and pleasure posing as deliverers. The World wars and pre-emptive wars are carried by followers of faiths other than Islam.

Islamic History is the life and actions of the Holy Prophet sawas and his a.s. Noble Progeny a.s.

Holy Book The stories of Muslims is Muslim History. The Muslims were divided as Sincere and Hypocrites. The Holy Prophet sawas also predicted that 72 sects and groups will be misled and salvation was for 1 sect only. Majority of Muslims were following their own choice rather than the Orders of the Holy Quraan or the commands of the Holy Prophet sawas and the Ulul Amr appointed by the Almighty SWT. The confusion of the masses even in the duty of the daily prayers with 4 variations in the Muslims five times a day shows the will of the influential humans to order Muslims to disobey the Holy Quraan and Ahadees of the Holy Prophet sawas. The correct form of prayer is important for its acceptance and spiritual benefits. The Holy Prophet sawas made it clear that if prayer is accepted all the actions are accepted and pray as you see me a.s. praying. The Muslims neglected the original form of daily prayers and the Divine effect is missing. There is no Blessings after the prayers and the masjid has lost its peace and tranquility. All the important books show the real prayers and worship of the Holy Prophet sawas but Muslims in general would like to follow kings and their appointed 'scholars' who overlook the tue Sunnah and come up with their own variations.