Holy Quraan Topics - Words Conveyed As Is by the Holy Prophet sawas

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Purpose of the Prophethood of the Holy Prophet Mohammed sawas

  • To Recite the Verses of the Holy Book
  • To Purify the people
  • To teach them the Book
  • To teach them the Wisdom

Holy Quraan - Soorah Jumaa

The Holy Prophet sawas said that "I am the city of Knowledge and Ali is its door." The Holy Prophet sawas is the most knowledgeable and not illiterate. He sawas made it compulsory for every Muslim to acquire knowledge from the cradle to death. If anyone claims that the Great Holy Prophet sawas had no knowledge is contradicting the Holy Quraan. The Holy Quraan further says that the Holy Prophet sawas never speaks on his own but only when a revelation is sent to him sawas. 




Final Code Explanation
Never Changed The only Holy Book to remain in the original form as dictated by any Prophet a.s.
Future Protection Declaration by The Almighty swt for protection for ever in this World of confusion and modification of all other Books.
Every Word True Each and every word is the Word of Almighty swt and even the marks are the same in all the Holy Quraans in the remotest corners of the world.
Cannot be Duplicated Even a single ayat (verse) cannot be matched for 14 centuries and the beauty of the language and the enlightenment of the ideas cannot be duplicated by anyone on the earth.

The Divine Guidance in Personal Matters

Holy Book Opening the Holy Quraan after a specific supplication will guide the people in their decision making in
day to day life matters.

The one who carries the Aayat of the Holy Quraan is protected from many problems and disasters. Major achievements are possible with minor effort, Almighty swt Willing.
Holy Quraan is the basis of faith and actions follow the beliefs. Without Eemaan (faith) actions are not accurate and will not be accepted.